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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To Upholster or Not To Upholster...That is the Question.

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

To upholster or not to upholster? That is the question…

As an interior designer and owner of the Four Walls Wallpaper Studio, I am asked by my clients quite often, is it worthwhile to reupholster a sofa, or dining room chairs or any piece of furniture in the home for that matter. Unfortunately we are seeing more low-end furniture that is being fabricated with inferior materials, and not to mention toxic chemicals that are being applied in the seat cushion stuffing. When reupholstering a quality piece of furniture that is either one you’ve purchased through an interior designer or inherited from your family, it is in my opinion the best option to reupholster it. The reason why I feel this way, is the mere fact that the framework used is better quality and more concern is placed in the construction and quality of the wood accents used on the arms and legs of chairs and sofas. I have recently been involved in the redesign of a client’s living room where I had suggested reupholstering two Bergere chairs of excellent framework, which I like to call “good bones!” I suggested to my client to use a contemporary, hip, bohemian Ikat as the fabric choice. The end result gave my client a unique look that can’t be replicated in today’s furniture market!

So readers, when you’re visiting family and they want to give you a piece of their old furniture, don’t say no, look at it from a different design perspective. Older is sometimes better!

And, as I always say folks, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”