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Monday, October 25, 2021

HOLIDAY PLANNING Where Has The Time Gone?

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

We realize that you have not heard from us for a few months.  We have missed you!  With the holidays quickly approaching, The Four Walls has been extremely busy selecting wallpaper for many of our clients.  Whether you are doing one room or an entire home, it is important to have an over all vision for your project while maintaining a sense of enjoyment. Many of our clients get highly intimidated for fear of making the wrong choice.  While you need a professional to guide you with the correct scale, durability and an over all cohesive application, ultimately color and style is purely your own personal design decision. However, there is a right and wrong within your taste.  We would love to hear from you, whether you are thinking about a future project, immersed in a present project, or have a design dilemma.  Diana and I would be happy to assist with your design needs... as no one needs any additional stress during the holidays.

So as I always say folks, "don't be afraid to decorate!"

Best Always,

Robin and Diana

Monday, August 16, 2021


Hello, And Welcome Back Blog Readers.

We hope you all are doing well!  Today we would like to talk about hallways.   Hallways and entries are one of the first spaces seen by quests and have the most use in a home, yet many of our clients are leery of wallpapering their hallways.  From a wallpaper and design perspective, wallcoverings in hallways unify a design layout when combined with paint.  Quite simply it can carry the look of an entire home.  Recently I have been encouraging many of my clients to warm up their homes with wallpaper in their entrance ways and hallways.  Builders who I do business with have been ordering wallpaper for many of their projects.  

By no means am I saying that paint is a “dirty word”, however, the correct balance of both paint and wallpaper can give your home new life and personality.  Hallways and entries provide a wonderful opportunity to be more bold with color, texture and scale, incorporating current trends into your own personal style. 


        Photo Credit: WR Builders INC Newton, Mass.

And as I always say, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”


Best Always,

Robin and Diana

Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Hello, And Welcome Back Blog Readers.

We hope everyone is doing well!  As we are rounding the corner through the pandemic, we are all energized and excited about getting back to our normal lives. 

On a design note, The Four Walls would like to introduce a new collection by Missoni Home from Italy which is full of texture and florals with both soft and bold tones.  Included in this collection is the ever so famous Missoni chevron “zig zag” pattern, which can be used in a variety of spaces.  Also included are large scale unique prints, mid-century modern florals and fantastic murals.


Missoni Home, originally launched in 1983, has released its new collection on a durable washable well weighted paper substrate with raised ink patterns and an embroidered feel.  Silver metallic
and gradient backgrounds transitioning from dark to light bring a glamorous look to any room. Feel free to give us a call to view this collection in person and at the same time have our staff help you to preview our large selection of designer wallcoverings and fabrics! Spring has sprung, let your home design inspiration blossom!



And as I always say, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”


Best Always,

Robin and Diana

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Happy Times Through Home Decor


Welcome back Blog Readers,

We hope everyone is healthy and doing well during these trying times.  First off, we would like to thank our dear clients and friends for your support of The Four Walls this past year.  We have been putting all our efforts into making everyone’s space beautiful, whether a commercial or residential project.


Because of the impact the pandemic has had on all of us, it is especially important that your homes make you feel safe and happy.  Due to the travel restrictions and the reluctance for some people to take a vacation, there is a desire for folks to decorate their homes in a way that captures the memory of a beloved travel destination or that of one they aspire to visit.  Wallpaper design is taking its inspiration from nature and calm, tranquil faraway places in order to create the feeling of a serene relaxing environment.  Color tones in the new spring collections are contrasting between soft earth tones and bright colors.  Colored grass cloths and botanical prints are also trending this year.

And as I always say "Don't be afraid to decorate!"

Best Always,

Robin and Diana