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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Natural Elements in Design

Welcome back Blog Readers,

This past winter season has been unusual. Warm temperatures have been abundant with barely any snow on the ground. With weather like this our minds automatically turn to Spring.
At our store, The Four Walls in Newton, Mass. Our clients have been requesting natural elements in wallcoverings such as grass cloth, bamboo and patterns with vines, leaves and ferns.

Everywhere you look in design we are seeing ferns and leafy patterns all around! By bringing natural elements into your home whether it be thru patterns and textures on your walls, to furniture fabrics, to actual floral arrangements, you are incorporating your home with the outdoors and making that airy, botanical, feel come to life.

Calling all Baby Boomers! Having flashbacks? That rattan headboard you had in your bedroom.
That bamboo furniture in the living room. That...gold-gold everywhere. Not to mention the large leafy/miami'esque wallcoverings in the nightclubs and restaurants...It's all back and better than ever!

Pairing a leafy/large scale wallcovering with simple, straight lined, mono chromatic furniture will prevent your room from looking too "over the top" and "tacky."

When we think of all these leafy patterns, our mind automatically tunes in on the palette of green. Don't let this be the case when it comes to wallcoverings. Grey, taupe, gold and black are all highly popular colors that blend perfectly with any decor!

We have selected some of our finest wallcoverings to share with you.

And as I always say, "Don't be afraid to decorate!"

Best Always,

Robin & Monique

                                                            Pierre Frey Kipling Tropics

                                                              Farrow & Ball Bamboo

                                                                   York Palm Leaf

                                                      Thibaut Tatami Gold Grasscloth


Saturday, February 8, 2020


Welcome Back Blog Readers.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner with love in the air, we have decided to write this month’s Blog about why we have such a passion for Wallcovering & Interior Design. We chose this field because we are absolutely passionate with making our clients happy. Design ignites our passion for creativity, digging deep down into our creative souls. We as Designers, have it in our blood, or as some would say we were “Born with it.”

There are many aspects of this field that allow us to hone in on our talent, from drafting floor plans, to choosing furniture, lighting, flooring, decor, colors then of course what we specialize in Wallcoverings & Fabrics.

At The Four Walls we are constantly evolving. We have new Wallcoverings & Fabrics arriving in our store in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts on a weekly basis. We also stay true to our classic lines of wallcoverings “Our Winner’s Circle” from Osborne & Little, Christian Lacroix, Farrow & Ball, Schumacher, & William Morris & Co… just to name a few!  

For this month, let us entice you with some of our selections of Wallcoverings to warm your heart!
And as I always say folks, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”

Best Always,

Robin & Monique

Schumacher: Leopard Wallcovering

Christian Lacroix: Cocarde

                                                                Farrow & Ball: Peony

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Welcome Back Blog Readers,

We hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays and, Happy New Year!  Let’s start 2020 by talking about ways to improve the look of your home.  Having a well put together environment that flows from room to room will always create an outstanding first impression. This is of course, is an ambitious design aspiration for any homeowner.  Being in the design industry for over 30 years, I have always encouraged my clients to create a collection of images that are an inspiration for the interior they desire for their home.  This can be achieved from many sources, sometimes it is a piece of artwork, an image from nature, a texture or a favorite color.  At times, it is frustrating to witness people getting too caught up in images they find online or in magazines of entire rooms. Often there is one aspect of the image that attracts them but does not necessarily fit with the decor and style of the rest of their home.  Realizing the essence of what attracts us to an image can really help with pulling together a room in your home. 

Ultimately, you need to own your own space by merging desired styles with your own personal interests without getting carried away with the entirety of an image of a room designed for someone else, or from a photo shoot.  People need to hone in on what exactly what it is that attracts them to an image and then incorporate that element into their design scheme.  Granted this can be easier said than done.  Most folks are not in the interior design industry and may not have the visualization skills to accomplish this. Finding a talented designer who will take the time to understand your style and how you live, is a professional that will steer you in the right direction and is the obvious choice. Starting off with your own clear vision always helps with the process with or without the help of an interior designer.

Another important point to mention, is the intense guilt we feel when confronted with the idea of letting go of family heirlooms and other items acquired over the years.  This can prevent us from decluttering and keeping only the items that are both meaningful as well as aesthetically pleasing to us.  I say “let them go” There are many avenues to find a new home for your unwanted items.

And as I always say Folks “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”

Best always,