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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Robin's Design Concept for Spring 2016!

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

There’s an exciting new design feeling for Spring of 2016. This concept seems to be the trend for my clients needs. The “old design concept” was filling a room with a lot of accessories and too much over-scaled furniture. Now it’s simple, friendly and serene. The new designer fabric choices are more durable and user-friendly. That’s not to say that it sacrifices look, by any means. More linens, chenille’s, and crushed velvet blends have taken a forefront.

Window treatments have a strong emphasis on straight panels with more of a tailored edge. Roman shades have been the number one choice for my current projects. When it comes to the wallcovering, deep tones such as grays and blues, incorporating the use of grass cloth or a very high-end vinyl texture from England and Italy were favored. This concept allows my clients to utilize their personal elements such as their area rugs in the design plan. The spring colors for 2016 have been neutrals paired with jewel tones, such as grays and milky blues with purples, lilacs and corals.

Each of the interior design projects that I’ve been involved with recently have one important design philosophy; the rooms are functional, lived-in and represent my clients’ personal taste. More of the emphasis is placed on the comfort and enjoyment of the owners of the home, their family and the welcoming of their guests. In conclusion, a room should feel well-designed but not be afraid to be used, and it is my belief that the overall look should appear that the interior of the home reflect my clients personality and not my own. There is a right and wrong within a client’s taste, that has been my design standard for over thirty years. As I always say folks, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”

Best always,