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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

Ok Folks, the topic for this week is not everyone's fave, unless you are an OCD “neat freak” like yours truly! Get ready for spring cleaning! We all hate it, but love it when the task is completed.

 The areas of most concern are naturally the larger spaces. The garage for example. It is amazing how quickly your garage can become the catch-all for all of this past winters clutter. How many snow shovels are lying around next to large tubs of rock salt? Time to organize them against one wall! Sweep out the space. If you don't feel like doing, it ask your kids to do it; or if you don't have kids, borrow your neighbor’s kids and give them compensation!

Next on the to-do list; the house. Put away all the winter gloves, hats, and scarfs. Fess up! There are probably some still remaining in various rooms. Find a closet. I have them stored in hat boxes in my hall closet, on the top shelf.

 Next, windows; I always have a service do the outside, but I tackle the inside windows myself, because if you are a clean freak, as I previously mentioned, no one can do it better than you.   My product of choice is.... Cinch, this little miracle in the red spray bottle works better than Windex and it does not streak!

Involved in spring cleaning is the daunting task of closet reorganization. Winter clothes to the Spring and Summer season. I find this to be the perfect time to donate anything in your wardrobe that has not been worn this past year. Robin's spring cleaning philosophy, "When in doubt throw it out!" There is absolutely no reason to clutter your home with "things" you do not use. Generally when I am in my "spring thing" I march right into my kitchen and tackle the inside of the cabinets. Wash all my glasses and crystal that I do not use on an everyday basis. (There is nothing more embarrassing than unnoticed foggy glass or tableware!)  I also wipe down the kitchen cabinets, and at the same time, checking for boxes or cans of food with an expired dates.  Same goes for the fridge.  The simple spring cleaning theory is if you pick up an item and have to think "do I really need this?"… The answer is NO!

 And the last on the list; your car or SUV. I know there are probably some winter hats and gloves in there still. Oh, and don't forget to vac out the vehicle. There is probably more sand inside the car than on a beach! Now you are ready for the family vacation this spring or summer.

 Well now that you have Robin's Spring Cleaning Outline, get motivated and after it's all done, don't forget to pour a nice glass of wine in your un-foggy wine glass! 



Spring Cleaning!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Gardening Colors !!!

Hi Blog Readers,

With Spring here, and the promise of warm weather, it is time to turn our interests to planting flowers and gardening, after the rough winter most of the region had. I feel it very helpful when planting flowers to keep colors together, which I call color continuity. A lot of folks add so much color to their gardening that the area looks too busy. What I find helpful is thinking about the types of colors one would put inside their home. There should not be so many colors that the interior of the home looks like a paint chart. So, why do that outside as well? Choose a few colors that fuse together. A few examples are pinks and purples, with a touch of white. Reds and purples, with a touch of white. Yellow and white are fantastic together!

In mostly everything I do, I think about the concept in relation to interior decorating. That is what I suggest to my clients. Hence, design mistakes never happen.

Happy planting and gardening!  Happy spring, folks!


Fabulous example of well balanced color continuity
Light and dark purples with a touch of white

Pinks and purples with pops of white!

Reds and pinks
Reds with pops of white, showing design dimension.