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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Gardening Colors !!!

Hi Blog Readers,

With Spring here, and the promise of warm weather, it is time to turn our interests to planting flowers and gardening, after the rough winter most of the region had. I feel it very helpful when planting flowers to keep colors together, which I call color continuity. A lot of folks add so much color to their gardening that the area looks too busy. What I find helpful is thinking about the types of colors one would put inside their home. There should not be so many colors that the interior of the home looks like a paint chart. So, why do that outside as well? Choose a few colors that fuse together. A few examples are pinks and purples, with a touch of white. Reds and purples, with a touch of white. Yellow and white are fantastic together!

In mostly everything I do, I think about the concept in relation to interior decorating. That is what I suggest to my clients. Hence, design mistakes never happen.

Happy planting and gardening!  Happy spring, folks!


Fabulous example of well balanced color continuity
Light and dark purples with a touch of white

Pinks and purples with pops of white!

Reds and pinks
Reds with pops of white, showing design dimension.