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Friday, September 5, 2014

What about that contractor??? They did what????

Welcome blog readers!

We've all heard that question before.  have we not?  Picking a contractor can be one of the most daunting and nerve wracking tasks facing interior designers and clients alike.

Over the past 31 years of being in the industry, many of my clients have come in with horrifying war stories about their experiences with contractors.  In addition, many designers have also told me some good ones!  When my mother Sheila founded The Four Walls 48 years ago, she instilled upon me the importance of affiliating with reliable, honest contractors, who would represent the store well.  Over the years, since I have owned the store, I have maintained that axiom.

Although I'm not saying that every contractor is without a flaw or two, The Four Walls is committed to the outright satisfaction of the client's needs.  The prerequisites of a good recommendation from The Four Walls are skilled technical capabilities, fabulous communication skills between client and contractor, reliability, punctuality, cleanliness, respect for the client's property and dedication to fair-pricing.  These are some of the requirements needed for a successful design project.

In addition to the contractor prerequisites, the client must also have some responsibility.  They must openly and clearly communicate their needs to the contractor BEFORE the project begins.  Deadlines, any possible issues and/or concerns are just some examples.

Keep in mind that contractors will be in your home for a period of time and preparation and trust are paramount to the success of any good design project!!!

Keep in mind, you can always call me with questions or concerns about YOUR project.  Have fun decorating!