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Monday, July 18, 2016

"Getting Trim"

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

For today’s design blog we will be talking about “getting trim.” No, folks, we will not be talking about how to get thin or your workout or weight-loss routine. We will be discussing paint color that is ideal for woodwork, chair rails and baseboards.

My choice as an interior designer and wallcovering expert has always been white; yes, just plain white! Be it an off-white or a grey white which always appears crisp and clean looking. The reason is simple. Whether you paint or wallpaper, a crisp white or off-white paint trim sets off wallcovering and any wall paint color. By using a contrasting color trim just seems to be too busy and calls attention to too many details in your living space. Also, a color trim choice will lock you in when you are choosing fabrics or floor coverings. It just simply makes the living space too busy and complicated.

White trim is a classic choice, and goes with traditional decor or a contemporary theme. If you take a look in most design magazines you will find that white trim is favored by my fellow interior designers.

So folks, if you want to keep your home up to date, choose white trim. And, as I always say, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!