Picture Hanging

Friday, October 18, 2013

Room Remodel... Bottom to top

So, you are redesigning a room. Let's say, the living room. Where do you start? This is the question almost all my clients ask. And I say... If you do it this way, there is never a mistake. First, I start off with the flooring. If you are lucky enough to have a hard wood floor, in great shape, we build on that. Then, you decide on an area rug. If it's printed, then do simple on the walls; I prefer a texture; for example, grass cloth, a neutral tone. This means you carry the print from the rug and coordinate it with the fabric on the draperies, either a geometric or a floral, in keeping with the same color tones as the rug. Now comes the furniture. I personally never like to put a printed sofa on a printed rug... a design NO NO!!! Add some art work, some great lamps, comfy chairs, printed pillows; and there is your outline for the room! Throw in some coordinating end and coffee tables for the finishing touches. Voila!!!! HINT: End tables and coffee tables do not have to match... Don't forget your friends and matching cocktails in the room also... Send in some questions and comments for a design discussion. Any topic is encouraged. Best, Robin

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Picture Hanging

Hello Blog Readers, Over the past several days I have been asked many questions regarding the correct height of picture hanging on a wall. It is correct to hang art at eye level. Most clients have a tendency to hang their art much too high on the wall, for fear it is too low. Also, they are in great fear of wall groupings. Generally, I tend to center paintings around furniture so the gallery wall does not appear to be floating in mid space. Hallways are a great area in the home to do a gallery wall. There is more freedom to be creative, only being concerned with size and overall scale balance. A very important factor that client's forget about is that the frame and matting are very important. The frame and matting are what I call "the jewelry."If you are given a piece of art as a gift or from your family's collection, it may be necessary to re frame the piece so that it fits in with your decor. One exception to the rule; if the piece is an antique, I would personally not take it out of it's frame as the value will be compromised and the integrity of the painting will change. The art in one's home is very personal. With this in mind, I tell my clients to hang art that inspires them and has meaning or fond memories. Do not be concerned with friend's or visitors opinions on your taste in wall art. Happy hanging! Robin

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well, hello all. Here we are, just sitting here in New England, on a rainy Sunday. So, with that in mind, how many movies can one watch? Lots, I suppose. However, there is one thing we can do, that is lurking in the back of our minds... How about taking the day to clean out those closets??? How about rearranging a room or two, three, creating a more open environment. Maybe we should just take the day to look at some new design ideas around the house? We could always take the day to get rid of some unwanted furniture or other items we never used? Really? I think it's time to sit back and relax, have a glass of wine and stay warm and dry. If you have a fireplace; all the better! Remember, write in with your questions and comments any time! Enjoy the day!!! Best, Robin