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Friday, January 29, 2016

Child's Play...

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

January is almost over and we are all starting to find our 2016 rhythm. It’s been cold and windy and bit snowy lately, and we all are looking for something to brighten our spirits. So, why not with new wallcoverings, for the family. It’s time to focus on the kids, because there is no doubt they are growing up fast, and you want their room to reflect that change.

Jane Churchill’s Get Happy collection have a contemporary style that utilizes rich colors, textures and bold designs and patterns, allowing you to create your own style and theme. Her Nursery Tales collection is pastel’s and light colors all the way, because when they are babies we want them to feel surrounded by a light atmosphere. Her Get Happy range is the next step, beginning to make use of those bold colors and designs she is known for, and is great for those early childhood years.

Sanderson also specializes in children’s wallcoverings, with their Abracazoo Wallpapers collection. With eleven different wallcoverings, Sanderson has created a world of wonder and magic to inspire a child’s mind when they play. Everything you could think of for nursery to early school age, themes range from classic to make-believe to contemporary.

These two are some of my favorites for children’s wallcoverings, for they always have a beat on exactly what will make you and the children happy. I just received new collections from both Jane Churchill and Sanderson, so stop by and take a look. And, as I always say, “don’t be afraid to decorate!”