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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Natural Elements in Design

Welcome back Blog Readers,

This past winter season has been unusual. Warm temperatures have been abundant with barely any snow on the ground. With weather like this our minds automatically turn to Spring.
At our store, The Four Walls in Newton, Mass. Our clients have been requesting natural elements in wallcoverings such as grass cloth, bamboo and patterns with vines, leaves and ferns.

Everywhere you look in design we are seeing ferns and leafy patterns all around! By bringing natural elements into your home whether it be thru patterns and textures on your walls, to furniture fabrics, to actual floral arrangements, you are incorporating your home with the outdoors and making that airy, botanical, feel come to life.

Calling all Baby Boomers! Having flashbacks? That rattan headboard you had in your bedroom.
That bamboo furniture in the living room. That...gold-gold everywhere. Not to mention the large leafy/miami'esque wallcoverings in the nightclubs and restaurants...It's all back and better than ever!

Pairing a leafy/large scale wallcovering with simple, straight lined, mono chromatic furniture will prevent your room from looking too "over the top" and "tacky."

When we think of all these leafy patterns, our mind automatically tunes in on the palette of green. Don't let this be the case when it comes to wallcoverings. Grey, taupe, gold and black are all highly popular colors that blend perfectly with any decor!

We have selected some of our finest wallcoverings to share with you.

And as I always say, "Don't be afraid to decorate!"

Best Always,

Robin & Monique

                                                            Pierre Frey Kipling Tropics

                                                              Farrow & Ball Bamboo

                                                                   York Palm Leaf

                                                      Thibaut Tatami Gold Grasscloth