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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Holiday Gift For Your Home

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

It’s getting to be that time of year. The holidays are reaching their peak, and we are beginning to look toward the New Year. And of course we are coming up with lists of resolutions, experiences to have, things to do. So, why not add some new home treatments to your list.

It’s a cold time of year, and we are all thinking about keeping warm. What better way than with a new rug. Safavieh creates designer rugs, and has new styles for every taste. One of my favorites is the Barcelona Collection – Shags of Espana. Its inspiration comes from the Mediterranean, combining the motifs and rich textures to create beautiful rugs perfect for any room in your home. The different colors and patterns will brighten up your home with a touch of mod.

We’re all excited for the New Year, and so is your home. So come in now to gift it with a present. And, as I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!



Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Well Dressed Table

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

It’s finally that time of the year; the Holidays! Which means you are probably thinking what I am. Where to find the perfect tableware and place settings for all your upcoming parties.

The first thing every party needs is great dishes and silverware. The Gold Star Dinnerware Collection by Bunny Williams, presented for your viewing pleasure by Ballard Designs. A 20-piece set inspired by the Parisian look, this sophisticated porcelain arrangement will be perfect for everyday use or fancy occasions.

Next what you will need is a great tablecloth to show off your new place settings. Check out the Marseille Table Linens, made of 100% linen, and is so simple in its design, you can easily mix it up with any table setting and keep your look fresh throughout the year. Add a monogram for your own personal touch to this classic look.

Now that you have everything ready for your Holiday and New Year’s parties, I have some exciting news for all of you. I am going on a very exciting buying trip to England and Paris to check out some new wallcoverings and fabrics. I can’t wait, I’m so excited, especially to come back home and share everything with you. After all, come the New Year, you’re going to be looking for new wallcoverings and fabrics to redesign parts of your home.

It’s an exciting time, so stop by, and as I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!




Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

This is just stunning! So much, in fact, that I couldn’t pick just one wallcovering. It’s the Samana Wallpaper Collection from Matthew Williamson, courtesy of Osborne & Little. There are just too many designs to be able to pick just one, so I’m going to show you my favorites.

First is Kairi, a simple pattern inspired by the wings of a dragonfly. Keep things uncomplicated with minimal furnishings, or lavish with bold accessories to create a one-of-a-kind room just for you.
Then there is Mustique. Doesn’t it remind you of those kaleidoscopes from when you were a kid? I know I remember. Think of this as the new, modern, updated design, just right for adding the perfect amount of pop and jazz to your next home project!
Next is Dragonfly Dance. This pattern definitely takes inspiration from islands of paradise. A signature of Williamson’s, this is beautiful for walls or curtains that will bring the theme of your room to life.
Finally there is Providencia, a large striped damask design that is fabulously traditional with a twist of contemporary flair. Available in contrasting colorways, it’s edged with detailed embroidery that is sure to ignite interest in any space.
Whichever of the designs you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Each has its own unique flavor and character, so you’ll be able to find your perfect fit. Come on in now to get your house festive for the Holidays. As I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!

Wishing you the happiest of Holiday seasons.



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

Check this out! I just love a great home décor accessory, and this one is stunning. Raindrops Wall Sculpture Mirror is an exclusive collaboration between Jonathan Adler and the C. Jerà studio. Available in brass and silver, this metal arrangement is a cool throwback to the iconic mid-century designs, and it will bring both life and funk to any room in your home. Set it near pictures or contemporary pieces to create an eye-catching and captivating effect.

As I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Holiday Accessories!

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

What better way to ring in the start of the holiday season than with a little decor upgrading. Check out this Wood Pumpkin arrangement. Just looking at this gets me thinking about bright bold colors  of Halloween and the smells of Thanksgiving. It’s an exclusive from Horchow, comes in a 5-piece set, and each is made from Mango Wood. Set these up around the kitchen, dining or living room to really immerse yourself in the feeling of Fall.

Stop by, take a peek at the new wallcovering and fabric collections for the holiday season. And, as I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An Autumn Touch

Hi Blog Readers,

Open your eyes to the Vine Braid Trim, exclusively from Robert Allen’s Casual Elegance Collection. This beautiful leaf pattern is made of 100% cotton, comes in seven stunning color themes, and is the perfect addition to any room in your home. It just screams autumn, and gets me in the mood for a warm cup of apple cider. Place it with a solid colored drape for a little extra punch or give an edge to your upholstery. You’ll feel right at home with this beauty by your side.
Come in to see yours truly for the best ideas to accessorize your home. As I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!



Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

Oh wow. This is just amazing! It’s called Kashgar Ikat, and is part of the Ikat Fabric Collection by Schumacher. The ruby and plum colors complement each other perfectly in the chevron-like pattern. It’s modern, with a spunky and sophisticated twist on cotton velvet. This would make an amazing main fabric for a master bedroom suite. Come on in and let’s get started.

As I always say, don't be afraid to decorate!



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Get Your Stripe On!

Welcome back Blog readers,

Just wonderful… This speaks to me in so many ways! This is the new Bellariva Cobalt Zinc fabric collection, a custom throw pillow from Designers Guild. Available in eight color schemes, it’s pure silk with a contemporary concept. Can’t you just imagine this against a damask coordinating wallpaper from Designers Guild, one of my faves. I can. You can pair it with a textured throw pillow for more contrast. The fur trim balances the emerald green bands that are separated by neutral pinstripes. Very chic for the accent decor of your home.
Come in to check out a new wallpaper to pair it with. And remember, as I always say, don’t be afraid to decorate!


Bellariva Cobalt Throw Pillow

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Four Walls Latest Design Project

Hi Blog Readers!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. The Four Walls just completed the interior of a fabulous new restaurant in Newton Center, Mass. This Bistro serves upscale Tai food with a flair!
I enjoyed working with these folks in creating a hip relaxing atmosphere that incorporated vinyl wallcovering replicating a grass cloth texture. All the fabrics used gave the added pop of color, and a leaf wallcovering was applied in the restaurant bathroom.

Best wishes,

Saturday, July 25, 2015

William Morris Style!

Hi Blog Readers !

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. Exciting news, my client Sophia just bought a home in a suburb of Boston and shared with me one of the rooms she renovated, and sent me a picture of the William Morris wallcovering, she had purchased from my store. This design works as a timeless backdrop for any style home. It can incorporate a traditional theme and "dance" with a slight contemporary interior.This works so beautifully in her office space!

Thank you Sophia for this picture! See you soon for the Master bedroom!

As I always say folks "Don't be afraid to decorate!"


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Glam Industrial Wallcovering"

Hi blog readers,

I would like to share a new wallcovering collection that I am simply crazy over! It is from designer Ronald Redding. Glam Industrial it is called. This collection is suitable for any space in your home.
The reason being is the fact it is vinyl, but not the ones that look like a Dr's office or an office building. It incorporates raised bold dimensional designs with golds,bronze and silver tones.

So folks,stop into  The Four Walls and take a peak! And like I always say..."Don't be afraid to decorate!"

Best ,

Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Wallcovering Collection At The Four Walls!

Hello Blog Readers,

I have just discovered an exciting new line of wallcovering that is now available at my shop that I would like to share with you. It is from a distributor out of the UK and this collection is very different, contemporary and fresh! The company is called Paper Moon. I have always favored small boutique wallpaper mills as long as they have great customer service.

The collections are everything from mosaic prints, soft pastel floral designs, great murals that are funky,interesting geometric prints and stripes! There are just too many to showcase.

Stop by The Four Walls and take a peak!
And like I always say,"Don't be afraid to decorate!"


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let's chat have a seat!

Hi blog readers!
I would like to share one of my most favorite furniture pieces with you, it is from Thibaut. They are a wallcovering and fabric company now involved with manufacturing fine furniture as I had mentioned in a previous blog post. They have just come out with a chair that is so versatile that I have chosen it for many of my current design projects! The reason this chair is an interior designers dream  is the fact that the seat cushion is twenty inches wide, has a back cushion for comfort and it comes as a bar stool height as well. Now the finishes...any custom color your heart desires! The style has an elegant but contemporary bamboo frame. Put a hip stunning fabric on it from the Thibaut fabric line available at The Four Walls and let's chat.... have a seat!

Until the next time, don't be afraid to decorate!


Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't Forget The Trimmings!

Welcome back blog readers!

Today I would like to discuss one of my design faves! The importance of decorative trimmings. Most often this little design element, trimmings is left out when the fabric selection has been finalized. Very sad I say.As an interior designer I feel that it adds to the complete look on the reupholstering of a piece of furniture, the wow factor on a decorative pillow, and the finishing touch to a custom window treatment design application.To me folks,it's like a lady all dressed up in a stunning outfit with no jewelry!!
With so many choices today be it embroidered,beaded or one incorporating crystal let's add a stunning touch to your design concept! Don't stop right before the finish line, go the extra mile and add the design spark!

So fellow design enthusiasts don't forget the trimmings!!

Happy Decorating,


Monday, April 6, 2015

Bringing the Outside In!

Welcome Back Blog Readers!

With the warm weather trying to head our way here in New England, I have found myself trying to bring the spirit of the warm weather here a little faster by using more floral arrangements in my home and for clients homes as well. Nothing is more welcoming than the fabulous smell of fresh flowers cleverly arranged for the setting of a cocktail party in ones home, or a beautiful arrangement on a coffee table! I try to use the color tones of the room when choosing flowers.If the overall color scheme has too much color I tend to back off and just use white flowers so the room is not too busy.
Too much color in a room is sometimes not restful,and that applies to flower arrangements as well!

In regards to silk flowers, I personally prefer real flowers,but often times in room decor, one may need the consistent color scheme that only silk flower arrangements provide.As long as they look real and of good quality it can sometimes be hard to tell!

So Blog followers, with that being said,add some flowers to your home,bring the outside in and bring on Spring!!


Friday, March 20, 2015

New Spring Collection From Manuel Canovas!

Hi Blog Readers!
Getting very excited that Spring is around the corner! Just received the new line of Manuel Canovas wallcovering ..Bold, fresh, exciting and stunning prints with great patterns!These wallpapers should add a touch of whimsy for spring decor.I tend to feel that these patterns make a great accent wall in any room of the home! There are also matching fabrics as well.It is great to see bold design is back!
...As I always say folks,don't be afraid to decorate!!

Bring on Spring decor...We all have had enough of old man winter!!

Best always,


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Furniture Line at The Four Walls!

Hi blog readers,

The Four Walls has taken on a fabulous furniture line by Thibaut! This wallcovering company has branched out with a custom furniture line that encompasses their fabrics that match all the wallcovering that they carry on custom high quality frames for sofas,and chairs. Also, a very special concept that I am excited to use in future design projects involving side tables is the fact that Thibaut offers their grass cloth specially applied to their furniture with a very durable coating!It is so exciting to have the element of texture on a parsons table, desk or end table and the grass cloth comes in so many stunning color tones and patterns! These pieces can be made to any design size and specification.

Have a question about an up coming design project? Give us a call we would be more than happy to help!
Happy decorating folks! Spring will be here soon!!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Faux Fun

Hi folks,

As we all know, it has been a rough go of it recently.  Too much snow, freezing temperatures, shoveling and hazardous roads...  You know, New England, in the Winter!!!  So, it's a must to keep nice and cozy in your home.  Lately, I have been playing with some faux-fur, and other accents, to keep my design spirits elevated.  A fur throw for the bed offers an exotic, warm and sexy element to the bedroom.  With their bright tones and colors, a faux fur pillow adds some whimsical fun to any young girl's bedroom.  While we're at it, a faux wool blanket bearing his fave sports team is great for the young boys of the family.

                                                                                                                             Everyone in the family loves fuzz on the feet, in form of fur...  That warm, soft feeling is to die for in the cold of winter.  These faux fur rugs are great for the den, living room and of course...  the bedroom.  They come custom made to order or stock, ready made.  These rugs have come a long way. The materials are very high quality and look and feel like the real thing.

So, cozy up, is the winter is the comfort phrase for the season!!!  We shall all get through this season.  Warm temps are around the corner and Punxsutawney Phil can find another den!!!

As usual, don't be afraid to decorate, even in the winter.