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Monday, April 6, 2015

Bringing the Outside In!

Welcome Back Blog Readers!

With the warm weather trying to head our way here in New England, I have found myself trying to bring the spirit of the warm weather here a little faster by using more floral arrangements in my home and for clients homes as well. Nothing is more welcoming than the fabulous smell of fresh flowers cleverly arranged for the setting of a cocktail party in ones home, or a beautiful arrangement on a coffee table! I try to use the color tones of the room when choosing flowers.If the overall color scheme has too much color I tend to back off and just use white flowers so the room is not too busy.
Too much color in a room is sometimes not restful,and that applies to flower arrangements as well!

In regards to silk flowers, I personally prefer real flowers,but often times in room decor, one may need the consistent color scheme that only silk flower arrangements provide.As long as they look real and of good quality it can sometimes be hard to tell!

So Blog followers, with that being said,add some flowers to your home,bring the outside in and bring on Spring!!