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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weathervanes Not Just For The Outside Anymore!

Hello blog readers!  

The following is from New England Home Magazine:
Weathervanes, move them into the home:

Ah, the weathervane. Traditionally known for predicting weather on barns, churches and homes, since the 1800's, these iconic pieces of art are now being used as interior design elements. Think a cow on the kitchen table instead of flowers. Use a rooster on the mantle in place of that painting of Great Aunt Matilda. Try the dresser, the hallway, even the bathroom. New England Weathervane Shop has the largest collection of working antique weathervane molds in the country. From historic to custom, traditional to modern, our 100% copper weathervanes are crafted by hand, the old fashioned way: First hammered into molds, hand trimmed and soldered. So, if you're looking for a new piece of art, think outside the cupola!

I found these beautiful and classic weathervanes featured in New England Home Magazine. They are the product of New England Weathervane CO.  They may be contacted by either;

TEL:     978-815-6189     or     Email:     news1853@gmail.com