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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Are We Vain?

Hi blog readers!

Hope you are enjoying your summer thus far! Today let's talk about one of my favorite items: mirrors for the home. Not that we are vain and like to look at ourselves, but I find decorative mirrors have always made a great statement in room design. One of my faves is a company called Carvers Guild. These wonderful mirrors are made in the United States and are available through interior designers. They are simply unique and a matter of fact, I have used them in my own home, and my client's as well. These hand made gilded mirrors are great for any space. For a recent design project a Carvers Guild mirror was the added touch in a powder room!

With that said, hang a fabulous mirror in your home and, oh by the way, being a little "design vain" is a good thing!!

Happy decorating and enjoy you summer folks!