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Saturday, July 8, 2017


Welcome Back Blog Readers,
Today’s blog discussion centers around my design associate, Regina, who has been working with design projects for The Four Walls involving her young clients for over a year. These folks have just purchased their first homes and are fearful of too much of a pattern commitment. Regina has been introducing them to accent wallpapers in master bedrooms, living rooms and statement walls in hallways. Being a young, inspired Interior Designer from Taiwan who has moved to Boston, she has experience with this design concept whereas this is new to the States. Accent walls can make a statement and serve as a focal point. Also, because wallpaper has made a tremendous comeback, it is a fantastic way of expressing your daring design flair! As my associate, Regina, states: “It’s the baby steps towards the world of wallpapers!”
Wallpaper can give a room personality and a great design outline when you are trying to choose furniture, rugs, and fabrics. That is why it is my most favorite design element. In my thirty five years in the Interior Design industry and being the owner of The Four Walls, naturally, wallpaper has always been my first introduction with my clients.
I call wallpaper the “Hello of the room!"
So folks as I always say, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”
Best Always,