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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Four Walls Favorite - The Pierre Frey Design House

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

We are always looking for good quality items and experiences, in everything from our food choices, travel and the interior of our homes. Pierre Frey is one of the most original and unique design houses I have had the pleasure of working with. They recently came out with two new wallcovering books, Foxtrot and Jungle, which I have just received in my wallpaper & design studio.

Pierre Frey’s designs are always interesting and unique. Foxtrot is the modern and contemporary take on classic twentieth designs, recalling a bygone era of freshness, luxury and elegance. Frey looks back to a classic time to bring you the essence of those years in contemporary d├ęcor. The design Erevan is a soft floral motif in a gentle geometrical pattern that is appealing to the eye and classical. Darius is a more geometrical take on a classic floral, recalling the idea of a child’s kaleidoscope.

Jungle is the second book by Pierre Frey that Four Walls has just received. This collection is a journey into the colorful and brilliant world of dreams and imagination, with inspiration taken from the vibrant world of South America. Otomi is reminiscent of the flowers and birds adorning the Amazon. Kipling recalls the richness of the thick forests of the Equator where every step is a new discovery.

Pierre Frey takes concepts and reinvents them into new and exciting visions for us to experience and immerse ourselves in. His designs fill our hearts and minds with wonder and creativity. With wallpaper as famous as Pierre Frey, it WILL take over the conversation with guests in your home!

So, as I always say, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!