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Friday, October 18, 2013

Room Remodel... Bottom to top

So, you are redesigning a room. Let's say, the living room. Where do you start? This is the question almost all my clients ask. And I say... If you do it this way, there is never a mistake. First, I start off with the flooring. If you are lucky enough to have a hard wood floor, in great shape, we build on that. Then, you decide on an area rug. If it's printed, then do simple on the walls; I prefer a texture; for example, grass cloth, a neutral tone. This means you carry the print from the rug and coordinate it with the fabric on the draperies, either a geometric or a floral, in keeping with the same color tones as the rug. Now comes the furniture. I personally never like to put a printed sofa on a printed rug... a design NO NO!!! Add some art work, some great lamps, comfy chairs, printed pillows; and there is your outline for the room! Throw in some coordinating end and coffee tables for the finishing touches. Voila!!!! HINT: End tables and coffee tables do not have to match... Don't forget your friends and matching cocktails in the room also... Send in some questions and comments for a design discussion. Any topic is encouraged. Best, Robin