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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Warm Weather Living

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

Spring is one week away, and with all the amazing weather we’ve been having, our thoughts have already turned toward the outdoors. We are always looking for the newest thing, the latest trend, to add to our homes, to make them amazing, so that when your friends visit they will ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with amazement.

The big thing now is your porch or patio. It’s no longer just a walkway in front, sometimes leading to the back door into the yard. Porches have become patios that are an extension of your living room; they’ve become a part of your house itself, sometimes through floor-to-ceiling walls that fold back like curtains to really open up your house.

But that’s only the beginning. Once you have your patio, it’s time to dress it up. I’m talking about fabulous furniture, pillows, and of course the right color scheme. People go so far as to have a full furniture set, complete with rug and side tables to hold your summer drinks.

A classic theme for your outdoor living space is Nautical; those navy and white stripes that are so reminiscent of a New England seaside town. Tropical and bright floral patterns are also a huge hit, with eye-catching colors; lime, orange, turquoise and hot pink are always favorites.

Then there is the deck itself. It’s the outdoor representation of your home, and you’ll want it to reflect your personality. Smoothly finished wood or rustic stone, your choices should seamlessly blend the inside of your home to the outside, making for the perfect entertaining experience this summer.

It’s time to get those ideas going, so things are ready when the warm weather really kicks in. And, as I always say folks, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”