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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No More ... the Forgotten Room.

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

Recently in the interior design industry, powder rooms and bathrooms have become a large focus, primarily because of the variety of decorative tile options now available. Flooring classics such as marble and granite give a timeless quality. Cabinetry are now being crafted as pieces of custom designer furniture. These rooms express the same amount of importance as any other room in your home, mainly because clients are spending large dollars on decorative hardware and appointments. As far as shower curtains go, all are being made with custom designer fabrics, mainly because there are not as many stunning ready-made options. When it comes to the wallcovering selections, they’re no longer the typical ‘shell and fish’ choices!

Today there’s much more variety of design and texture to show off your individual style that one would never have expected to be considered. The main design objective that I personally notice when helping my clients with their re-design of their powder room and bathrooms is that they’re not afraid to give these spaces a ‘wow’ factor. The more original the space, the more fun we’ll both have in the creation and end result!

So, as I always folks, “Don’t be afraid to decorate!”