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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

For The Love Of Lattice!

Hi Blog Readers!

Welcome back, we have all had a rough few weeks here in the Northeast with the impossible snow storms and blizzards and with more on the way.With that being said I would like to talk about more pleasant thoughts,wallpaper and decorating ones home! My all time favorite as well as those of my clients are lattice patterns in wallpaper. This pattern concept is widely used because it can work in large spaces as well as small ones. It is a pattern that never goes out of style and with the large array of color tones it has become very popular in most home decor.I find this mainly to do with the fact
 that whether your home is traditional or contemporary the lattice works every time, and it is never a design  mistake because it is a classic! The over all geometric quality of the lattice pattern is so easy to live with depending on your color choice. Light neutral color palettes for large spaces like hallways and foyers, and bolder tones in smaller spaces like powder rooms and small offices or one accent wall in a bedroom!
So folks as I always say, "don't be afraid to decorate!"