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Friday, May 16, 2014

Deck And Patio Design - Urban And City

Hi Blog readers,

With Memorial Day weekend approaching, it's time to think about our decks and patios. Beautiful Decks can be found in the city too!  Don't be afraid to spruce up your deck, no matter where it is! 

Today's deck furniture can withstand the elements like never before.  Faux wicker is one example of durable, yet beautiful deck and patio furniture.  Faux wicker comes in many designs and colors.  It is easy maintenance and cleans up very well. 

Sunbrella is a new fabric line.  It resists fading and is easy maintenance as well.  Their pillows and cushions are very pretty and are available in a multitude of design selections. 

I personally like bold prints and have them on my deck furniture.  They can often make a small deck look larger.  Furniture placement is easier than inside furniture placement because deck furniture will always be moved around. 

Don't forget to hang plants and keep them well watered.  Choose plants that are more maintenance free.   Decks should be fun.  They should not be a high maintenance area that requires frequent cleaning!  With today's deck and patio decor, manufacturers are producing high quality, low maintenance area rugs and carpet.  Your outdoor space is as important to design as your indoor space. 

Have fun and as I always say, Don't be afraid to decorate!