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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day

Well Hello,
Another snow storm, but tomorrow is a bright day ! Yes it is Valentine's Day and what will you and your sweetheart or significant other be doing ? A lot of couples go out for a romantic dinner, followed by the traditional box of fine candies in the ever so huge heart shaped box, and yes the over sized card, and the long stem red roses . This is great for the ladies, personally a romantic dinner at home with a beautifully set table, a few candles, great wine and a dish that both of you enjoy is the best ! I must admit, as an interior designer the table dressing and the fine wine is my forte ! ....... The cooking not so good, but lucky
for me, my Valentine knows how to prepare a great Valentine's Day dinner!! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Best always;
"The wallpaper cupid,"