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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Finding the right Interior Designer

Welcome Back Blog Readers,

Today’s subject is the importance of finding the best interior designer for you to work with. Being in the interior design industry for over thirty years, I have noticed clients trying to handle their projects on their own. The issue I have with this, is the fact of witnessing costly mistakes. When you choose a professional to work with you eliminate doing things twice. An interior designer’s help is critical because of the vast knowledge and designer resources they have at their fingertips that then become available to you, the client.

An interior designer will sometimes pass on a trade discount at the showrooms they do business with and charge separately for their time. Some of my fellow designers will charge a percentage, which is considered a commission on everything that is purchased. Others will also work on a flat fee, as no two design projects involve the same time. Fee schedules always vary based upon the needs of the client and the scope of the project.

Getting to the most important aspect is the fact that an interior designer’s knowledge of color, scale, style, practicality and design guidance is priceless. When choosing your design professional, it is, as I call it, “a design marriage.” The personality of your interior designer must also be considered. Remember readers, re-designing your home should be a fun, happy and an exciting experience!

For me personally, I have made several lasting friendships that started as a professional working relationship. I feel very fortunate to be in a field that I love!

So, folks, as I always, ‘Don’t be afraid to decorate!’



P.S. Remember, the holidays are coming up soon!