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Friday, November 21, 2014

Giving Thanks

Hi blog readers,

Generally, the Four Walls blogs are about interior design tips, interesting decor tidbits and examples from the world of decorating.  However, with the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, I just didn't feel like blogging about "all things beautiful and stunning."  Given the amount of tragedy in the news and the world around us of late, I felt the design patterns of Thanksgiving dinnerware just didn't seem to be that important right now.

What is of importance, and needs to be recognized, is the fact that there are men and women of our military fighting to keep our world safe. Many of these men and women will not be home with their families and loved ones this Thanksgiving.

So, while you are enjoying the company of friends and family, and Thanksgiving dinner, give thanks to our military, police and fire fighters, who work continuously to keep us all safe in our imperfect world we live in.

The Four Walls wishes it's clients and friends a very happy Thanksgiving!