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Monday, December 2, 2013

Post Thanksgiving restaurant suggestions

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and we're all ten pounds heavier, where do we go to eat?  I recently found a great little place, in Chestnut Hill, MA, called Season's 52. The great thing is their menu selection includes low calorie dishes, with all of the calories posted. 

First, they have great flat-bread selections.  For less than 400 calories, you get a long, thin flat-bread with your choice of toppings.  They also have a great selection of salads, both usual and unusual.  These are also low calorie. 

Next, they have a variety  of entrees.  Everything from seafood to chicken; from steak to pasta.  Each of the entrees is no more than 450 calories, with portion control.  Very impressive! 

To end a great meal, they have desert tastings.  These are small shot glasses with all kinds of sweet delectables.  We sampled the Key Lime Pie and the Belgian Cake Mousse.  They were outstanding! 

Season's 52 has a great interior design presence, all done in earth tones and blues.  The service is fantastic, with friendly, cheerful staff. 

Give it a try and tell me what you think.  What are your faves? 

Happy dining!